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At Hardstone Group, we are single-mindedly focused on helping our clients maximize their profitability. Our services help our clients through the application of our expertise in process engineering, finance, and technology. We typically work with clients that are under $100 million in annual revenue and have more than 20 employees. Being local to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area in Texas, we work with our clients with plenty of face-time. The heavy-lifting work can be done off-site to minimize any impact to client staff and resources.

Some of the most common engagements with our clients include:

  • Identify and document business performance issues and their root-causes
  • Help craft and execute plans to solve business performance issues
  • Create financial plans: pricing matrix, forecasts, budgets
  • Reduce costs through technology and process enhancements
  • Manage finance and technology projects to completion within schedule, scope, and budget
  • Develop custom mobile and web-based application solutions

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